• New Mexico Medicaid Portal

Web Registration

Access to secure web portal functions for enrolled Medicaid providers requires registration. Providers may elect to register their assigned NM Medicaid Provider ID, National Provider Identifier (NPI), or both. Select the appropriate option below to register one of your IDs. You may come back later to register another ID.

If registering as a PE Determiner, please use 999999999 in the EIN or SSN box. Do not use your SSN as this will result in an error.

* denotes required field(s)

Registering the Provider ID will only allow access to information associated with the registered provider ID.
Registering the NPI will allow access to information for all NM Medicaid Provider IDs associated with the NPI.
If you have multiple Provider IDs associated with your NPI, you may use only one to complete your NPI registration. Please make sure the zip code entered matches with the location zip code on file for that Provider ID.
If registering as a PE Determiner, please use 999999999.
Location zip code for provider's facility that is on file.